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Aircraft Maintenance and Repair

The most important aspect of aircraft ownership is consistent, licensed maintenance and repair.  Our A&P IA and A&P Licensed aircraft mechanics focus on safety first. We have over 33 years experience servicing and repairing personal aircraft.  We perform all FAA required, scheduled maintenance and most repairs on site. We have certified pilots on staff who can test fly your aircraft to Quality Assure maintenance or repairs. Our attention to safety, detail and our professionalism set us far above our competition.


100LL AVGAS Truck $5.31

100LL AVGAS Self Serv $4.71

JET A Truck $5.27

JET A Self Serv $4.63

JET A w/Prist Truck $5.36

Complete List of Maintenance and Repair Services

  • Annual/100/50/50+ Hour Inspection

  • Battery Service

  • 24 Month Pitot Static Test

  • Engine Replacment

  • Oil Change

  • Landing Gear Nitrogen Service

  • Tire Replacement

  • Dye Penetrant Inspection

  • Pre-Buy Inspections

  • Ferry Permits

  • Unscheduled Maintenance and Repair

  • Weight and Balance

  • Propeller Dynamic Balance

  • O2 Service

  • Continental Fuel System Calibration

  • Sheet Metal Repair to Spec