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100LL AVGAS Truck $5.31

100LL AVGAS Self Serv $4.71

JET A Truck $5.27

JET A Self Serv $4.63

JET A w/Prist Truck $5.36


 Air NAV


Flight Aware

Flight Radar 24





An Experienced Shop Delivers With Confidence

General Aviation maintenance services are provided by A&P IA and A&P Licensed aircraft mechanics. Our dedication and our expertise in providing you the best maintenance services in Southern California sets us apart from any other Orange County FBO, outside of John Wayne airport. Our service speaks for itself and our customers are happy to provide feedback on their experience with us, as well as, references for the excellent service we provide.

Face To Face Support

Our experienced mechanics stand behind their work. We are accessible to you and don't mind answering your questions.
Completing This Single Engine Service

Hydralic Service In Progress

Let Us Service Your Aircraft

Single engine, Twin Engine, Turbo Prop. We service most aircraft weighing 12,500 pounds or less. We provide a wide range of quality aircraft mechanic services with a wealth of experience. Our mechanics constantly update their skills and stay abreast of safety alerts and the many important changes in the aviation industry. Please visit our Mechanics Tips Blog for the latest information our mechanics and customers share.

Detailed Checkout

We provide a list of parts and a detailed checkout inspection after any maintenance or repair performed by our team.

General Aviation Service Team

Larry "Smudge" Vidal
Director Of Maintenance
Jeff Dyberg
A&P Mechanic, IA
Ruben Chavez
Aircraft Mechanic
Tyler Potter
Service Dept. Coordinator

Quick service, excellent A&Ps. Just what you need to keep KFUL running!

Tom Kerscher

Loyal Customer